Introducing ECHO® Red Armor™ Oil!


ECHO Red Armor engine oil begins removing performance-robbing carbon deposits with the first use.


The right fuel mix oil can make the difference between a top performing, reliable engine and a high-maintenance, low powered engine. ECHO Red Armor engine oil incorporates powerful detergents that quickly remove existing carbon deposits, without sacrificing lubrication or film strength, and protects against future buildups. Also, ECHO Red Armor oil stabilizes fuel to be useable for up to two years when added to fresh fuel.


This powerful new oil is recommended for use in all air-cooled 2-stroke and 2/4-stroke (hybrid) engines. The oil is JASO FD and ISO L-EGD rated.


Enjoy easy starting and years of reliable performance from all your outdoor power equipment by choosing ECHO Red Armor oil.


Available Configurations


Item Number Description           Case QTY

6550001  2.6 OZ - 1 Gallon Mix   48 (8 6-packs)

6550005  13 OZ - 5 Gallon Mix    12 (2 6-packs)

6550025  6.4 OZ - 2.5 Gallon Mix   48 (8 6-packs)

6550050  1 GAL - 50 Gallon Mix   4 (1 gal. bottles)

6550250  5 GAL - 250 Gallon Mix   1 pail

6552750  55 GAL - 2,750 Gallon Mix   1 drum


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